Mothers On a Mission

We are very proud supporters of Claire Deeks and her Mothers On a Mission tour.

I just got home from the first event (Auckland), and it was absolutely brilliant! Claire ran through what has gone wrong with kids' food, and then offered practical solutions for improving the nutrition of children. The talk was hilarious, and inspiring.

She also talked about why she is campaigning to ditch the 'Health Star Rating' system - read more about that here, and sign the petition if you agree.

The attendees all went home with some Essential Broth in the goody-bags. We were in good company alongside fabulous products like Cathedral Cove (their Raspberry-Chia Coconut Yoghurt is something else!).

I may have coerced a few people into having a go at baking and 'treats' with the beef broth. You can use beef broth (skim the fat off first and hang on to it for cooking with) for pretty much anything that requires a liquid - hot chocolate, brownies, smoothies etc. The favourite in my house are Beef Broth Ice Blocks, aka 'dinner & dessert on a stick.' So much goodness in them - Lola loves them, and will sometimes eat two or three a day.

Here is my recipe. Enjoy!