Summer is coming - woohoo!!!

Bring it on!

BeefBrothBlocks are Lola's favourite summer snack.

Lola thinks they are a treat. I think they are a nutritious banquet on a stick - so I have no problem with her eating several on a hot day.

Packed full of all the wonderful nutrients contained in bone broth, you can add some beautiful fats with an avocado, and some lovely antioxidants with fresh fruit.

You could add a sweetener (like honey - but maybe consider avoiding artificial sweeteners) if you have a sweet tooth - but it is worth trying them without first, especially for kids. You will be surprised how good they taste without extra sugar.

If you are feeling brave, add a pinch of chilli or cayenne. A bit of heat masks a lack of sweetness, and adds a bit more depth.

Or you could sprinkle some Fresh As powder into the molds (find it on the shelves at Farro - while you are there you can grab some of our broth - but look in the freezer, you won't find it in the chiller). Your BeefBrothBlocks will come out with a bright, sprinkled effect.

Here is our recipe, and here is a picture (thanks Jane!) of the finished product