Do you want beautiful hair like one of those celebrities who is famous for no obvious reason?

So apparently the Kardashians (if you haven’t heard of them – don’t google – you are probably better off not knowing) are promoting a new miracle supplement - SugarBears - touted to give you lush, movie-star hair. Today's Herald ran a wee piece on it - you can read it here.



SugarBears are cute and blue and taste sweet. A month’s supply (including shipping) will set you back about $53.

They contain a collection of vitamins and minerals, glucose, additives and artificial colouring (‘Blue 1’).

So if nothing about that ingredients list bugs you (it all bugs me), and you can afford it, you could give them a go.

Or... could just drink broth.

Here is why I choose broth:

  • Broth contains the natural forms of zinc, b-group vitamins, and the other goodies that the SugarBears contain – as well as a whole lot more (lovely gut inflammation-reducing amino acids? Yes please!).
  • Broth also has protein – the building block of hair. SugarBears contains no protein.
  • Broth doesn’t contain sugar, or artificial colours. SugarBears do. Here is what Scientific American has to say about the safety of ‘blue 1,’ the colour used in SugarBears:
“Although toxicology studies have demonstrated that both of these dyes are relatively safe, the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) and other advocacy organizations have long argued that these and other artificial colorings may be linked to attention deficit disorder (ADD). In September 2007, a study in the U.K. medical journal The Lancet came to a similar conclusion, leading the European Parliament last July to order such products to carry a label warning consumers of the potential risk. Such concerns are behind the decision by the Nestlé–Rowntree candy company in England to pull its blue Smarties—an M&M look-alike—from shelves in 2005.”

A couple of packets of Essential Broth each week (dinner and supplements in one serve – boom!) will set you back about the same amount as the supplements.

Or you could DIY broth, and save even more.

Last night we cooked our pork belly (brilliant value from Moreish online butchery) in some Chicken & Duck broth with a few veges tossed in. Haircare that tastes good and fills you up. Good ol broth!

 Last night's dinner

Last night's dinner