My favourite online butcher...

 Visit the Moreish website  here .

Visit the Moreish website here.

We are super chuffed to be on the Moreish website!

If you haven't checked them out already, Moreish are a fabulous online butchery based in Palmerston North. They offer a wide range of free-range and organic meats - from wild and farmed animals.

I order a box every couple of months, and it always arrives looking immaculate and nutrient-dense. The diced-wild goat was the highlight of my last box.

"We believe the food you feed your family should be as naked and natural as the day you were born. You should know what has gone into your food. If you buy meat, it should be just that – meat. Not that indecipherable stuff pumped full of additives or antibiotics. It’s no good for the animals – and it’s no good for us either."  Moreish