Beautiful, yet terrifying visual or what is happening in our food & medical systems...

The first antibiotic - penicillin - was discovered 88 years ago (for a magnificent re-telling of the discovery, THIS in one of my all time favourite reads).

A lack of foresight, or some might argue - greed, and a wilful obtusity, in the fields of medicine and agriculture has led to a modern crisis: Antibiotic resistance.

A team at Harvard University has produced this short film to demonstrate the evolution of antibiotic resistance in 11 days.

It is a strangely beautiful clip - a wonderful demonstration of the magnificence of evolution (if you are interested in evolution, then THIS BOOK is an absolute must-read); and a terrifying glimpse at how vulnerable we may be when we fail to adequately respect nature.

If our planet is to thrive, food and medicine must change in the coming years to preserve natural ecologies, and work in harmony with nature.